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Alternative Energy Sources Essay Example for Free

Elective Energy Sources Essay Researcher have been on an incredible excursion for a considerable length of time (particularly in the 21st century) for a superior and increasingly productive approach to saddle vitality, that doesn't represent a negative effect on our condition. Numerous ways have been investigated and a couple of them are: Tidal Power, Solar Windows, Nuclear Waste, Flying Wind Farms, and Nuclear combination. In my examination I have seen a portion of these sources as more useful than others. In any case, they all contain the possibility to be huge scaled and placed into impact in the event that not sooner rather than later, at that point in the far off future. A not many that I needed to enter in on is: Tidal Power, Solar Windows, and Flying Wind Farms. For what reason is it important for us to investigate elective sources? Well it is on the grounds that in our present circumstance we are contaminating our surroundings with unsafe substances that can have enduring effects. Not exclusively does these substances influence the human life yet additionally the natural life. That is just a single part of need in our reality. Another viewpoint would be in underdeveloped nations. Modest and effective approaches to bridle influence will bring huge numbers of these nations out of neediness and into riches, profiting every one of us. Flowing force is the way toward bridling the vitality from waves in the ocean/sea. This thought was at one point profoundly searched out for. Be that as it may, as wind turbines began to come into the image this thought was set aside and dismissed for a couple of years. As of late this thought has been getting more consideration and has been reemerging as an architect with the flying corps has made an approach to outfit hypothetically 99% of its vitality (rather than the half it was getting a couple of years back). In past undertakings drag was the fundamental component used to catch the vitality. The new technique from the flying corps engineer utilizes lift rather than drag which gave him higher outcomes at long last. I can firmly observe this wellspring of vitality having a major impact in driving our homes all day every day. Sun powered Windows is a more elevated level of sunlight based boards. An ongoing advancement in quantum speck sun based innovation empowers sun oriented boards to go about as straightforward windows. At the point when this innovation opens up to people in general, each windowâ in each metropolitan structure (exceptionally proficient) to each family can be prepared to control itself. In the Past four years itself the US has expanded its sunlight based limit by 500% in observing its potential for a road in clean vitality source. So this is one more source that I emphatically accept and trust will affect our condition. Flying Wind Farms contained Buoyant Air Turbines (BAT) is an intriguing point. It includes a dirigible and a breeze turbine combined to get into higher heights (1000-2000 ft) to get more grounded and increasingly steady breezes. Not exclusively is the vitality bridled yet in addition this dirigible will likewise go about as a twofold to give Wi-Fi in a bigger scope. It is foreordained that the whole pinnacle based breeze homesteads will be supplanted by BAT. These Bat gadgets are fit for withdrawing and reaching out in elevation as it detects the breeze pressure getting excessively solid or excessively frail. The breeze turbines were at first thought to be a lie however now have overwhelmed the business. In saying that I do see a future for this development. In any case, I don't see it being practiced sooner rather than later. In general my comprehension is that there are numerous approaches to saddle sustainable power source, in any case, some will be more effective than the others. In the short rundown that I introduced I see the Tidal force venture having the best ability to be found soon. It is likewise one of the most proficient types of gathering vitality as it can gather up to 99% of the flowing vitality. This will be incredible for an enormous scope like controlling whole urban areas. In any case, for a normal purchaser hoping to control their homes then I would guide them toward the Solar Windows when they show up in the market, since they give a vitality source without giving up intrigue of the home. As ordinary sun powered boards will in general be cumbersome and peculiar looking sitting on the highest point of the rooftops. As researchers and specialists search for elective vitality sources lets offer our help by just tolerating the way that there is a requirement for all these elective vitalit y sources.

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Physical Preparedness Of Columbus Police Essay Example for Free

Physical Preparedness Of Columbus Police Essay Portray in one page or less how you would choose the Columbus Police watch officials to be reviewed. The Research Project: Physical Preparedness of Columbus Police Officers in Citizen Encounters Involving Force. Target Panel: Respondents of this exploration ought to have the accompanying capabilities: Must be between the age ofâ 21 †35 Must have at least a half year field understanding as a Patrol official of Columbus Must be dynamic in the police power Must be an occupant of Columbus Should at any rate have one physical experience with a resident Test Size: 1000 police watch officials Philosophy: This exploration will utilize a subjective and quantitative research wherein a delegate test of the intended interest group will be haphazardly chosen to make an objective board. Through subjective research by utilizing an open-finished poll, unconstrained or not pre-decided reactions are requested through a free willing strategy. In the interim, the appropriate responses from the subjective research will be additionally managed in the quantitative research utilizing a shut finished survey that will give figures or crude information. Through these two sorts of research, the analyst will decide the reason for the absence of arrangement of cops during experiences with regular people. Develop a short 5-thing unstructured, open-finished survey that will decide the watch officers’ sees regarding how well they are set up for physical experiences with residents where deadly power isn't an issue.  Open-finished poll for Focus Group Discussion What are the dangers associated with being a cop in Columbus? In the event that physical experience with residents isn't refered to, get some information about the likelihood of encountering physical experiences with residents while on the job. What sort of trainings did you get before you occupied with police field tasks or watch obligation? Were these trainings ready to assist you with planning for physical experiences with residents? Why? If not, why? As a cop, what do you believe are the variables that incite physical experiences with residents? List strategies or techniques on the best way to lead appropriate administration of physical experiences with residents? Clarify every strategy/technique. What are the reasons for blunder of physical experiences with residents? By what method ought to these be forestalled? Build a 8-thing organized poll utilizing shut end addresses that include various reaction decisions that tends to a similar issue in Question #2. Shut finished poll for Survey Questions Emphatically Agree Concur Nonpartisan Oppose this idea Emphatically Disagree 1. Is your activity as a watch official worth all the dangers? 2. Do you believe that power is required in upholding the law? 3. It is safe to say that you will utilize power when you are undermined by a non military personnel? 4. Do regular citizens typically incite physical experiences with law implementers? 5. Do you believe that the utilization of power is viable in advancing consistence? 6. Do you believe that there is a need to have a decent physical and speedy intuition work to all the more likely handle physical experiences? 7. Do you feel that by having police weapons and devices will assist you with carrying out your responsibility better in authorizing the law? 8. Is it true that you are arranged genuinely, sincerely and mentally to take part in a physical experience with a regular citizen?

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Ps I Love You Film Review Essay

â€Å"Finding somebody you love and who adores you back is an awesome, magnificent inclination. In any case, finding a genuine perfect partner is a stunningly better inclination. A perfect partner is somebody who comprehends you like no other, adores you like no other, will be there for you everlastingly, regardless. They state that nothing keeps going forever, however I am a firm adherent to the way that for a few, love lives on significantly after we’re gone.† This citation originates from book â€Å"PS I love you†, composed by Cecelia Ahern, and splendidly portrays the novel. This book is certainly for ladies, when you read this you can end up giggling and crying at the same time. Holly and Gerry had an ideal life. They are joyfully hitched, they lived in Dublin shut to their loved ones, the world lies at their feet. When Gerry kicks the bucket, Holly is crushed. At the day of her 30th birthday celebration, the man who was her perfect partner, her sweetheart, has left her. The one in particular who can help her is the individual who is no longer there. However, before he kicked the bucket, Gerry composed a progression of letters, a guide incorporates a crucial Holly to recover her life on target. Throughout the years which they were as one Garry has consistently been the sorted out one and some time before he became wiped out he messed with Holy that on the off chance that he kicked the bucket before her, he would leave her an exceptional rundown of intentions for guarantee her life ran easily without him. What's more, he stayed faithful to his obligation. Holly finds that her mom has an enormous envelope for her. One for every one of the rest of the months of the year. Letters are conveyed in astonishing manners, each contained another experience or challenges and each marking of similarly: â€Å"P.S. I Love You†. It’s an ambivalent story that centers around death as well as praises life and the delight that is found in living. What's more, albeit Holly in the long run discovers harmony through the letters that Gerry has abandoned, it’s her loved ones that have the greatest impact in helping her to give up and proceed onward from anguish. Holly’s mother and closest companions start to stress that Gerry’s letters are keeping Holly attached to the past, yet actually, each letter is driving her further into another future. Gerry’s first directions are not exclusively to Holly, yet additionally to her closest companions, to get out and observe Holly’s birthday together. Denise and Sharon appear to speak to two parts of life, Sharon is hitched and is en route to building a family, while Denise is as yet single. She is searching for the correct person, however she wouldn't like to sit around, so she has her agenda. She is unquestionably not timid yet the above all, she is an old buddy. Holly’s companion Sharon is hitched to John, who, as frequently occurs with couples, was Gerry’s closest companion. John is in somewhat of a weird position since he cherished Gerry, as well, and perhaps he is feeling somewhat left out. John figures he will never have another companion like Gerry. The following character is The new barkeep in Patricia’s bar, Daniel meets and structures a moment appreciation for Holly at, out of every other place on earth, Gerry’s wake. Is fascinating, and unconstrained and he makes statements that are unusual, and doesn't want to apologize if individuals are shocked. He turns into a shoulder for Holly to incline toward in light of the fact that he is the one individual among her companions who didn’t know Gerry so there’s no explanation behind him to proceed with caution or tread lightly when his name comes up, which she finds reviving. Daniel is sufficiently valiant to express his real thoughts, and I imagine that is useful to Holly in managing her misfortune. With Gerry’s words as her guide, Holly sets out on an excursion of rediscovery in a tale about marriage, fellowship and how an adoration so solid can transform the conclusion of death into a fresh start forever. The undertakings extend was extraordinary, from finding another line of work to singing karaoke before a club crowd. With some assistance from her companions, and her loud and cherishing family, Holly aversely grasps every one of the errands and finds en route that she has more inward quality than she would ever have envisioned. She additionally battle with sentiments of blame when she meets an attractive man who is plainly pulled in to her. The romantic tale is told in a one of a kind way. The primary character must began to live without her significant other. He was the earth she lived, the ground she ventured and air she relaxes. She didn't have an appropriate activity, she was not eager, she didn't have any interests. All that she did in her life rotated around Gerry. They were discussing how eccentric life could be as one didn’t consistently get what one anticipated. Regardless of how frequently you read this book, it will consistently presents to you a grin all the rage with tears in your eyes. This is one of those books that make you cry from the time it begins, afterward on lifts you up with some parody, continues with a quality of expectation and some inspiring blaze backs. Cecelia Ahern has composed this book splendidly, she depicts the feelings and battle of life. Creator likewise has shown me an important exercise the genuine significance of living and the partition among life and demise, and gave the exercise about the stuff to lead important and deliberate life. I truly delighted in it book. It is a sentiment, however it investigates a difficult issue. I would prescribe this book to anybody that cherishes a decent sensational, and entertaining fiction story. Of the front of the book you can discover a statement: â€Å"Everyone needs a gatekeeper angel† and I trust we as a whole do.

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Domestic Violence Topics - 2150 Words

Domestic Cycle of Violence Incident * Any type of abuse occurs (physical/sexual/emotional) Tension Building * Abuser starts to get angry * Abuse may begin * There is a breakdown of communication * Victim feels the need to keep the abuser calm * Tension becomes too much * Victim feels like they are walking on egg shells Making-Up * Abuser may apologize for abuse * Abuser may promise it will never happen again * Abuser may blame the victim for causing the abuse * Abuser may deny abuse took place or say it was not as bad as the victim claims Calm * Abuser acts like the abuse never happened * Physical abuse may not be taking place * Promises made during making-up may be met†¦show more content†¦Call a resource listed in this book. There is help for you. You do not have to suffer in silence. If you are a child in a violent home... Most children in these homes know about the violence. Parents may think children do not know about the violence, but most of the time they do. Children often know what happened. They can feel helpless, scared and upset. They may also feel like the violence is their fault. Violence in the home is dangerous for children. Children live with scary noises, yelling and hitting. They are afraid for their parents and themselves. Children feel bad that they cannot stop the abuse. If they try to stop the fight, they can be hurt. They can also be hurt by things that are thrown or weapons that are used. Children are harmed just by seeing and hearing the violence. Children in violent homes may not get the care they need. A parent who is being abused may be in too much pain to take good care of their child. Children who live in violent homes can have many problems. They can have trouble sleeping. They can have trouble in school and getting along with others. They often feel sad and scared all the time. They may grow up feeling bad about themselves. These problems do not go away on their own. They can be there even as the child gets older. There is help for children in violent homes. Call a resource listed in this book to talk to someone. This can also help if you grew up in a violent home. If you are being stalked...Show MoreRelatedThe Topic Of Gender, Specifically Domestic Violence2142 Words   |  9 Pages 1- Research topic For my report I decided to analyse the topic of gender, specifically domestic violence. My research question is: How can domestic violence have a different effect on men and women in London? Domestic violence occurs when there is aggressive behavior within a home, involving abuse from a partner or a husband or wife. I decided to analyse this topic because it is a serious matter and there was little research material on the topic in London. I chose to research both men and womenRead MoreTopics Involving Employment For Women, Women s Rights, And Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault1475 Words   |  6 Pages The individual that I chose to interview on topics involving employment for women, women s rights, and domestic violence/sexual assault was Pam Polm. Pam was born on December 15, 1953 at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield, CA. Pam is the oldest of two siblings, having two younger brothers. Growing up, both of her parents worked, her mother working on and off at certain times throughout her childhood. She got married in 1972 to her husband Dennis and is still happily married to him today. TogetherRead MoreQuestions On Domestic Abuse And Domestic Violence913 Words   |  4 Pagesinstructor attempting to lecture on the topic of domestic abuse, Gagnà © would suggest that I first need to gain the attention of my students. To do this, I will need to provide a stimulus that grabs their attention. I will show a short YouTube video that shows different men and women’s experiences with domestic violence. The video then will end with domestic violence statistics and what you can do to help someone that you feel might be a victim of domestic violence. Second, I must inform the learnersRead MoreDomestic Bias Of Domestic Violence1659 Words   |  7 Pages Domestic Bias in Violence Unprovoked battering. Over the years the term domestic violence has been given mass popularity in society. This is due to the many highly publicized events ranging from the Ray Rice’s abuse charges all the way to the murder trial of O.J. Simpson. The term domestic violence has emerged from a vow of silence in households to a prevalent discussion that has flourished throughout society. Or has it? Yes, domestic violence has been recognized as an issue in society. This hasRead MoreEssay on Domestic Violence Informative Outline1358 Words   |  6 PagesDomestic Violence INTRODUCITON: GAIN AUDIENCE ATTENTION: Open with domestic violence video via Prezi. According to statistics found by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Every nine seconds a woman is abused by her husband or intimate partner. At least 1 in every 4 women and 1 in every 9 men have been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in their lifetime. Most often the abuser is one of their own family. Domestic violence is a problem that somehow affects everyRead MoreDomestic Violence And Its Effects On The Victim755 Words   |  4 Pageshealth organization) Out of each emergency room visit for injuries, 25-30% was there for domestic-violence related problems. (Hansen,2014) Domestic violence is a serious issue that has been a top priority for mental health professionals for some time now. Exposure to domestic violence can have long-term mental health effects on the victim. Various types of groups are being used in treating survivors of domestic violence that include support groups, time-limited groups, and long-term groups. This groupRead MoreDomestic Viole nce And Its Effects On Children1694 Words   |  7 PagesDomestic violence involves and affects all the family women in general including pregnant women, men, children, including children with special needs, adolescents, teenagers, and even the animals are abused by humans. There is no way to stop or control domestic violence. It involves physical abuse by both men and women, hitting with objects and even when you push someone is an act of violence or abuse, when you hit your child is an act of abuse. The most affected in the family are the children becauseRead MoreWhat Does The Material Presented?964 Words   |  4 Pagesorganization that assists victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Overall I have 3 years learning and educating myself about victims and have 1 years working with this population, provided services and bringing awareness. My overall goal in life is to work with this population by providing counseling especially to children who have been sexually abused. Learning and discussing about domestic violence is important. I believe for many people this topic is taboo. From my knowledge for manyRead MoreDomestic Violence And Sexual Relationships901 Words   |  4 PagesDOMESTIC VIOLENCE 2 Domestic Violence Nearly 1 in 10 women in the United States experience domestic violence within their homes; but the question is not how can we stop it, but why does it happen? Finding out the what causes spousal violence, will likely lead us to the answer of how to prevent it from happening. In using latent class analysis and logistic regression techniques we can find the distinct patterns of male or female dominationRead MoreDomestic Violence : Understanding The Basics880 Words   |  4 PagesModule 1: Domestic Violence: Understanding the Basics Module one focused on domestic violence and understanding the basics, which include the dynamics and common tactics that characterize domestic violence, impact on both the individual and society, and solutions to domestic violence. The website was easily accessible, and the information provided about the topic of domestic violence was both useful and interesting. Several statistics were given throughout the module that helped get across the

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Learn How to Conjugate Quitter (to Leave) in French

You might think that the verb  quitter  means to quit in French and you would be partially right. This verb can also mean to leave, to go, or to give up. Its a very useful word that covers many situations, so adding it to your French vocabulary is a good idea. The catch is that to use  quitter  in proper French grammar, you need to learn its conjugations. While that may seem scary to some students, this one is relatively easy and well give you the essentials you need. The Basic Conjugations of  Quitter   Among all the French verb conjugations,  quitter  falls into the largest category. These are the  regular -er verbs  and you can apply anything you learned while studying others of this sort to form the conjugations of  quitter. With any conjugation, begin by finding the verbs radical (or stem). For  quitter, that is  quitt-. You will then add the appropriate ending that matches both the subject pronoun and the tense you want to use it in. For example,  I am quitting is  je quitte  and we will leave is  nous quittions. Practice these anytime you see someone leave or quit anything for a few days and theyll be easier to remember. Present Future Imperfect je quitte quitterai quittais tu quittes quitteras quittais il quitte quittera quittait nous quittons quitterons quittions vous quittez quitterez quittiez ils quittent quitteront quittaient The Present Participle of  Quitter As with most regular verbs, the present participle is formed by simply adding -ant to the radical. This results in the word quittant, which may also be used as an adjective or noun in the right context. Quitter  in the Compound Past Tense The passà © composà © is a compound past tense that is frequently used in French. To form it, youll need to conjugate avoir  to the present for the subject before adding the past participle quittà ©. This results in jai quittà © for I left and nous avons quittà © for we left. More Simple Conjugations of  Quitter When someone may or may not leave or quit, you can imply this uncertainty with  the subjunctive.  If, on the other hand, they will only leave or quit if another action occurs, then you will use  the conditional  forms of  quitter. Both  the passà © simple  and  the imperfect subjunctive  are literary tenses, so theyre most often found in written French. While you may not need to use them, you should be able to read them. Subjunctive Conditional Pass Simple Imperfect Subjunctive je quitte quitterais quittai quittasse tu quittes quitterais quittas quittasses il quitte quitterait quitta quittt nous quittions quitterions quittmes quittassions vous quittiez quitteriez quitttes quittassiez ils quittent quitteraient quittrent quittassent A very useful verb mood for a word like  quitter,  the French imperative  allows you to say things such as Quit! or Leave! without any formality. Feel free to drop the subject pronoun and simply say, Quittons ! Imperative (tu) quitte (nous) quittons (vous) quittez

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Comparing the Theme of Nature with Works from Dicknson...

Comparing the Theme of Nature with Works from Dicknson Whitman and Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated that â€Å"the first in time and the first in importance of the influences upon the mind is that of nature.† Nature in all its forms parallels with life, death, and the soul. Whether the sunshines or the rain falls, whether a flower blooms or willows, nature will always recreate itself and remain a mystery to mankind. To become one with nature, one must explore oneself and know that the simplicity found in it is both divine and perfect. The theme of nature plays a mayor role throughout Whitman, Dickinson, and Emerson’s writings. Each poet conveys his or her view of nature in a unique and symbolic way by searching for the†¦show more content†¦/ It’s laws are the laws of his own mind.†(Pg.48). By stating this, he stresses that each man is different and far apart from each other. Emerson uses nature as a means of escape and power. He wants us to â€Å"look at the world with new eyes†(Nature, Pg.42) and understand that something as simple as a grain of sand, is beautiful in its own way. Once we can understand this concept of pure existence, than we will know what it is like to be an individual. Whitman also discuses nature through discovering one’s self, but unlike Emerson, he feels that we as individuals should embrace all society that surrounds us. Whitman sees all men as contributing to the greatness of each other. He views mankind and nature as intertwining in the circle of life and death. In his poem, â€Å"Song of Myself†, Whitman states that â€Å" a child said What is the grass? Fetching it to me with full/hands†(Pg.27) By using a metaphor, such as the bundle of grass, Whitman is able to explain that although each strand of grass is different, they all grow the same way and when put together they are united as one. When discussing nature in the form of death, Dickinson portrays it as a relief, salvation, and an escape to a better place. She views death as being a good and positive thing. In her poem Death and Life, she brilliantly compares the death of a flower, to the death of a human. She states that â€Å" Apparently with no surprise/to any happy flower, /The frost beheads it at its

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Technology Transfer and Controlling Enterprise Resources

Questions: 1. What would be the most appropriate technologies you would recommend to the owners that manage multiple sites or integrate supply chains?2.How might this network coordinate their technology transfer to not only provide the most reliable information, but also provide proper control through the enterprise?3.How might your recommendations be supported through web technologies? In presenting your recommendations, how might you explain the importance of obtaining relevant data through the enterprise system to the owners of the food retailer? Answers: Introduction Understanding various types of supply chains across different industries is of great importance for ensuring the effective management of the various resources available within the enterprise. As supply chains get complex, the reliance on technology to control and manage the resources as well as integrating them efficiently also increases significantly. 1. Customers and their outlooks are changing dynamically. This change calls for appropriate changes in outlook and ideology by top management, coupled with the adoption of appropriate and relevant technologies (Ghilic-Micu, Mircea, Nisioiu, Silvestru, Stoica, 2010). In the age of the internet and cloud computing most of the technologies are dependent on the internet. This includes technology for management of multiple sites as well as integration of supply chains. The integration of supply chains would be easily managed using software related to inventory management. This would help in automation of several processes as well as ensure that information regarding deliveries and orders are easily tracked. This process would further aid in accurately forecasting demand for and supply of the commodity, thus ensuring suitable inventory levels (Kristianto, Ajmal, Addo Tenkorang, Hussain, 2012). This simple process would be a key component to ensure that fast moving commodities are availab le in suitable quantity and techniques like Just-In-Time management are utilized to the maximum while reducing the requirements for warehouse space. Using advanced inventory management techniques and ERP also ensures a significant decrease in manual errors as well as costs incurred as part of administration or inventory storage (Raki, 2014). Transparency in operations is a significant help in enhancing the customer experience through speedy and timely delivery of commodities. Automated systems in inventory management include the integration of accounting along with inventory, thus doing away with duplication of data and resulting redundancy (Sundtoft Hald Mouritsen, 2013). One such technology is the RFID (radio frequency identification) that is being increasingly used by many organizations to track products using sensors. The tracking process works throughout the supply chain across multiple sites and helps ensure that bottlenecks within the system are minimized. 2. As is commonly seen in all emerging technologies, there exists considerable confusion as well as misleading information with regards to RFID as well. RFID is being consistently used for all processes during the entire product lifecycle. While each process is distinct, the core values of the technology remain the same. In logistics, for instance, RFID used at automated toll collection points helps track the movement of goods across various locations. On the other hand, the same technology used in-house tracks the movement of raw materials being supplied to its use in various processes as well as the final products. Thus, RFID helps in controlling inventory levels, modulating purchases and ensuring availability of final product. The considerable improvement in efficiencies and the transparency in tracking the commodities helps minimize bottlenecks as well as improve the response of supply chains, thereby ensuring easy availability of reliable information as well as providing adequat e control of the resources of the enterprise (Sabbaghi Vaidyanathan, 2008). 3. Balancing inventory cost and profits are part of cost efficiency in inventory management. Inventory carrying cost is a major contributor to inventory cost and includes storage cost, taxes and insurance as well as cost of capital invested in inventory (Grant, 2011). The integration of RIFD with cloud computing has been instrumental in ensuring that web technologies are capable of supporting RIFD. In the case of food retailers, which tend to have a lower shelf life, the use of this technology, helps ensure that wastage from food items past their expiry date are easily overcome. The inventory carrying cost is also significantly reduced (Adebanjo Michaelides, 2010). Conclusion The reduction of bottlenecks in the various business processes in the organization is essential for ensuring cost efficiency and profits. The use of various technologies like ERP systems and RIFD are a positive step in the strategic management of the resources in the enterprise as they ensure that the various raw materials, their movement and the various processes they are involved in are all tracked and monitored. References Adebanjo, D. Michaelides, R. (2010). Analysis of Web 2.0 enabled e-clusters: A case study. Technovation, 30(4), 238-248. Ghilic-Micu, B., Mircea, M., Nisioiu,, C., Silvestru, C., Stoica, M. (2010). Designing flexible e-business workflow systems. Journal Of Applied Computer Science Mathematics, (9), 72-77. Grant, K. (2011). ICIME 2011-Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Management and Evaluation (1st ed., pp. 300-310). Academic Conferences Limited. Kristianto, Y., Ajmal, M., Addo Tenkorang, R., Hussain, M. (2012). A study of technology adoption in manufacturing firms. Journal Of Manufacturing Technology Management, 23(2), 198-211. Raki, H. (2014). An application of RFID in supply chain management to reduce inventory estimation error. Uncertain Supply Chain Management, 2(2), 97-104. Sabbaghi, A. Vaidyanathan, G. (2008). Effectiveness and Efficiency of RFID technology in Supply Chain Management: Strategic vales and Challenges. Journal Of Theoretical And Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 3(2). Sundtoft Hald, K. Mouritsen, J. (2013). Enterprise resource planning, operations and management. International Journal Of Operations Production Management, 33(8), 1075-1104.