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The Blue Spider Program and the reasons for its failure Essay

The Blue Spider Program and the reasons for its failure - Essay Example Could adaptive control system theory be the basis of the 'theory of agile systems'" (Alleman, "Herding Cats"). For the successful management of complex interactions, agility is most certainly needed. The case study presented clearly shows a plethora of complex interactions emerging from the mere fact of the behind-the-scenes deception and lack of communications alone. "In most feedback systems, small deviations in a parameter's value from its design value will not cause a problem in the normal operations of the system, provided these parameters are inside the control loop. If the process parameters vary widely because of environmental changes, then the control system will exhibit unsatisfactory behaviors...To be called adaptive, self-organizing features must exist" (Alleman, "Herding Cats"). We might ask ourselves what are these features that must exist We can name them in a list of three. "Identification of the dynamic characteristics of the process. Decision making based on the identification of the process." And "modification or actuation based on the decisions made" (Alleman, "Herding Cat s"). In our notes on the project, we clearly see that Anderson is never able to get a handle on making leadership decisions based upon his obvious need to modify what he is doing. Does he understand the dynamics of management of the Blue Spider Program development Clearly not. He tries to take on too much on his own most of the times (researching instead of managing), while at other times there is lack of given information, administrative mistakes. For a PM to really know how to manage what he is doing would require a solid foundation in theory that is barely available in our present... The Blue Spider Program and the reasons for its failure The theory of management comprises viewing PM as having "a strong causal connection between the actions of management and outcomes of the organization"; assuming "that planned tasks can be executed by a notification of the start of the task to the executor"; and maintaining that there is "a standard of performance; performance is measured at the output; the possible variance between the standard and the measured value is used for correcting the process so that the standard can be reached" (Koskela & Howell). Anderson did not understand the connection between himself and the project’s success or failure. Performance standards were notoriously lacking. These and the aforementioned matters would have to be corrected to ensure future success. The theory of management comprises viewing PM as having "a strong causal connection between the actions of management and outcomes of the organization"; assuming "that planned tasks can be executed by a notification of the start of the task to the executor"; and maintaining that there is "a standard of performance; performance is measured at the output; the possible variance between the standard and the measured value is used for correcting the process so that the standard can be reached" (Koskela & Howell). Anderson did not understand the connection between himself and the project’s success or failure. Performance standards were notoriously lacking. These and the aforementioned matters would have to be corrected to ensure future success.

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Family Effects on Criminal Behavior Essay Example for Free

Family Effects on Criminal Behavior Essay It is rare for a person to see someone, who comes from a â€Å"good† family per say, to get into criminal behavior but it does happen. These people are brought up in this world with high standards and at some point they just can’t take it. They’re brought up with high expectations on them so when they can’t be met they find a way to cope. They turn to things, such as drug abuse, to make it through their situations. Others are just anti-social so they don’t know another way out but to turn to something that will accept them. Family has a major effect on what they’ll do. If they expect them how they are flaws and all they’re more likely to stay away from criminal behavior. But if they expect nothing but perfection and then are shunned on for not meeting those standards, they find a way to cope. They turn to things that you wouldn’t expect them to do. They’re brought up to high expectations. Then there’s people who aren’t brought up in a â€Å"good family† and don’t turn to the criminal behavior. These people are doing it for themselves. They saw what it was like to come from a â€Å"poor family† and don’t want to be that way the rest of their lives. They know what it’s like to live without the things they need and they want better for their future. They aren’t held to meet high expectations so any type of accomplishment they met is highly looked upon. But then there is the person who was brought up in a â€Å"good family† and isn’t looked upon as doing something so amazing. They just break at some point. But the ones who don’t come from a â€Å"good† family are given praise. People that come from a â€Å"good† family have more pressure on them to be a better person. They have high family values to meet. In Agnew’s Sources of Strain and Their Consequences it states one of the sources of strain is failure to achieve goals and one of the negative affective states could be anger or frustration. So then they turn to drug abuse or violence. But in some cases it’s not the family who has the effect on them. Because in the social learning theory it states that, people act aggressively because, as children, they modeled after the violent acts of adults. So when people are brought up in this world with those role models they try to be just like them. So a person’s acts aren’t only affected by their family. But their family does have a great deal on how they’ll be in the future. Though it is more likely for people that come from a disadvantaged family to turn to crime, there are always exceptions to everything. People can come from a good family and still turn to crime. They find a way to be individual, to stand out from the rest of the family. They want to have their own individuality and be paid attention to and if crime is the only way they are seen, the crime is what they will turn to. As for people who come from a poor family they may want to be able to give back to their family what they couldn’t be given. They strive to be different and stand out from the rest of their family. They too are looking for individuality.

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The Use of Symbols and Symbolism in Homers Odyssey :: Odyssey essays

The Use of Symbolism in Homer's Odyssey There are three signs in the Odyssey which are quite significant to the epic and are symbolic of different things. The first sign is the scar, the second sign is the bow and the third sign is the bed. "Note the importance of signs in the works of Homer, such as the sign of the burning ship in the Iliad. Then there is a long flashback telling how Odysseus got the scar and the significance of it. The scar is symbolically important, for it defines who he is -- and what he is. The scar-flashback starts with the naming of Odysseus by his grandfather Autolykos, who was the world's greatest thief. There Autolykus says, since he has caused pain to people all over the world (the Greek verb odyussai) the boy will be called Odysseus. Odysseus is one who both gives pain and also suffers it. Then we get the long description of the hunt in which Odysseus gets the scar. This is a type of male initiation ritual, where the men of the family or tribe take the young man on an animal hunt so he can prove himself in the company of men. Such rituals often involve scarring or ritual mutilation, and here Odysseus achieves notable deeds by killing the fierce boar (giving pain) but also receiving pain and a scar as token of his accomplishments"( "IN the folk-tale told about the husband who comes home after years of absence, so changed by time and Fortune's hard usage that he must adduce proof after proof of his identity before his wife will admit his claim, the first Sign to be exhibited is the scar. This he reveals first to an aged dame, his old nurse, perhaps the only woman then alive in the world who was familiar with its appearance and history. For naturally the first token must not be of a kind so intimate and convincing as to make the wife's unreadiness to respond to it appear capricious and unreasonable. To this extent Homer has adopted the ancient tale"( "The book ends with another sign of the great sympathy that exists between the two, as Penelope admits she could gladly spend all night talking with Odysseus. The beggar has accomplished his mission of winning her confidence and now can see the means by which he might kill the suitors -- the bow" (chss.

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Philip Roth- writer of Defender of the Faith Essay

Philip Milton Roth was born on March 19, 1933 in Newark, New Jersey to a lower class middle-class Jewish Family novels and made it the scenes there. There are certain stories that he wrote which talks about his family members and his own life as well. His father was an insurance of Austro-Hungarian stock. When he wrote Patrimony in 1991, he wrote this for his dad who is still in his early eighties but in that particular story he portrayed his father as an eighty-six year old who suffered from a brain tumor. He loves his family so much. And that particular novel won the National critics Circle award in 1992.(Bloom, 2003) Experience is the best teacher and those experiences should be put into words to produce one magnificent work that will mirror the past. An excerpt from one of his book says â€Å"Between first discovering the Newark Bears and the Brooklyn Dodgers at seven or eight and first looking into Conrad’s Lord Jim at age eighteen, I had done some growing up. I am only saying that my discovery of literature, and fiction particularly, and the ‘love affair’ – to some degree hopeless, but still earnest – that has ensued, derives in part from this childhood infatuation with baseball. Or, more accurately perhaps, baseball – with its lore and legends, its cultural power, its seasonal associations, its native authenticity, its simple rules and transparent strategies, its longueurs and thrills, its spaciousness, its suspensefulness, its heroics, its nuances, its lingo, its ‘characters’, its peculiarly hypnotic tedium, its mythic transformation of the immediate – was the literature of my boyhood.† (Roth in ‘My Baseball Years’, from Reading Myself and Others, 1975) Here we can say that the place he grew up and the experiences made him what he really is and clearly shows the readers what kind of childhood he has. He attended Rutgers university from 1950-51 then transferred to Bucknell university where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude with a major in English in 1954. Then he studied at the University of Chicago where he receives his M.A. in English then in 1955 he joined the army but sooner discharged because of a back injury. He then continues his study at Chicago and worked there from 1955 to 1957 as an English teacher. He then dropped out from the Ph.D. program in 1959 and started to write film reviews for the New Republic. Also in that year Goodbye Columbus won the National Book Award and was made into film here it was based on a family of a middle-class Jewish which clearly shows the author’s technique that is experience based and observations about the Jewish way of living Roth is fascinated by the idea of Jews behaving badly, but for him the physical deviance is sexual. He undermines the icon of the mensch, the Jewish good-boy ( Portnoy’s complaint is also his work which became the number one best seller in 1969 and made a turning point in his career. Here Portnoy’s approach to hedonistic Western culture is ironic. This work of Roth for most readers finds it offensive because of the sex scenes and the presentation of Jewish Mother was criticized. (Bloom, 2003) Jewishness is Roth’s major territory in examining American culture. Roth has more ironic and characterized as â€Å"less loving† views on Jews’ life. The readers can identify the writer with the obsession on fictional characters. In his works he increasingly wrestled problems of identity. Sometimes, he views his own life as part of his fiction. In his work The Plot against America (2004) an alternate history in which the famous pilot Charles Lindberg is the 33rd president of the Fascist U.S Philip Roth is one of the characters suffering from his Jewish Background. When he experienced separation from his wife whom he got married in 1990 distinguished actress Claire Bloom, their relationship wayback 1970 was ended in 1996 and made his wife publish a book for him entitled Leaving a Doll’s House. We can see here that even his wife is using experience as a good source of thoughts and ideas in writing a book to clearly express one’s emotion and point of views.(Bloom 2003) In his work Defender of the Faith (1959) the social and critical context shows us the passion of Philip Roth for his works. Here Roth shows us two stories at the same time, first is the story of Marx’s recovery from war experiences and the other is his conflict with Grossbart. The author explores the struggle one man goes through in order to discover which value outweigh others. Marx is in a dilemma which should be first, a good sergeant, a good Jew or a good human being. As the story progresses, Roth allows us glimpses into Marx’s recovery: the parade ground at dusk evokes childhood memories that reach deep into his heart to touch him; later, he begins to send for law school catalogs and to write old girlfriends. ( From here we can see points of the author about the conflict between Marx and Grossbart. Although they are both Jews, Grossbart is trying to get a special consideration and privilege. What is difficult for Marx is that Grossbart raises questions that the army at that time never considers. Like why is it that Jews don’t go worship on their Sabbath. Then Marx just realizes that Grossbart is not really a serious Jew. He just wants to manipulate the system which on the later part made Marx fight for his own sake. We can see that this work of Roth is full of complex irony. Sgt. Marx is the defender of faith which in fact should suggest a staunch religious champion, but as far as Marxs role in the story he does it so against his will and against his intention but what made him motivated is to have an equal and fair treatment to all his men and not to be partial to Jews.where unwillingly he became defender of faith to Grossbart. At the end of the story, however, when Marx has Grossbart’s orders changed to the Pacific, the irony is that he becomes most truly a defender of his faith when he seems to be turning against it. â€Å"You call this watching out for me what you did?† asks Grossbart. â€Å"No,† answers Marx. â€Å"For all of us.† The cause of the whole Jewish faith is set back when Jews like Grossbart get special favors for themselves, for other people will mistakenly attribute Grossbart’s objectionable qualities to the Jewish people as a whole. (It’s called â€Å"stereotyping.†) Thus Marx is unwillingly a â€Å"defender of the faith† when he helps his fellow Jew, yet he becomes truly a defender of the faith when he turns against him ( Roth justifies his social context about Jews in this story and made many people realize what the term â€Å"Defender of the faith† really means. Works Cited Bloom, Harold â€Å"Blooms Modern Critical Views† Chelsea House Publishers, Defenders of the faith Notes: â€Å"Defender of the Faith†by Philip Roth Roth, Philip â€Å"My Baseball Years† from â€Å"Reading Myself and Others Book†, New York Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1975

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Sentiment Analysis Customer Review Data - 809 Words

Sentiment Analysis of Customer Review Data Sentiment analysis is the process of identification and extraction of subjective information from unstructured data. Some of the common applications of sentiment analysis are, understanding the voice of the customer, voice of the market, the voice of the employee, brand management, financial markets, politics and government intelligence. The objective of the sentiment analysis in the case of Suite Spot would be to increase customer satisfaction based on the sentiment analysis of the customer review data and other available data about the customer and reservation, available from Kayak. This is where a sentiment analysis can offer much more value when compared to a traditional analysis on the customer review data. The key to this is the availability of real-time data about the hotel from customers. In a connected world where information is continuously flowing in the form of tweets, Facebook, and other social media posts, getting real-time sentiment analysis data and acting on the data would help create a competitive advantage for the Suite Spot chain of hotels. †¢ First we have to keep track of all the customers who are currently staying in a Suite Spot hotel. As soon as the customer checks in, his customer data is collected from Kayak. Kayak keep track of the social media connections of a customer, like Google+ and Facebook accounts. †¢ After retrieving the social media connections of the customers staying in a Suite Spot hotel,Show MoreRelatedInnovative Thinking : Product Service System957 Words   |  4 Pagesadministrations which causes them a big time loss. Each business plans to build its deal breaking its past records. Furthermore, the best way to do it is to draw in new clients as well as to keep up them after deals. An organization that prioritizes its customers will always be referred. The primary purpose behind the decrease of offers in an organization is its absence of duty to give appropriate administrations to its clients. An enlisted grumbling is here and there which is sometimes not attended by theRead MoreResearch Frameworks Used For Mining And Summarization Are Been Search By People For Gathering The More And More Information Essay1701 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract- Nowadays medical data has been search by people for gathering the more and more information about drugs. The dialog discussions on chronic diseases and drug, as well as online audits and sites are getting to be more important assets for patients. Patients read online reviews, blogs and discussion forum ideas to get information from other patients with similar c ondition. Reviews of medication from patients are largely available on the internet. Partitioning data from these significant collectionsRead MoreUnstructured Data Processing Essay944 Words   |  4 Pages100GB-TB, the data type is usually historical, summarized, multidimensional, integrated and consolidated. OLAP use complex query, and the underline structure is cube, â€Å"in relational database systems, OLAP cubes are constructed from a fact table and one or more-dimension tables [1]. It is ad-hoc, and not for everyday repetitive use. The users for OLAP system maybe about hundreds of people, but the records can be access can reach millions, comparing to OLTP which can have thousands of users and onlyRead MoreEvaluating A Customer Reviews Of Products Sold Online1530 Words   |  7 Pagesand Liu discuss ways to enhance customer satisfaction in this paper by studying customer reviews of products sold online. The paper also describes the problem of generating feature based summari es based on these reviews. According to the paper, a customer review of a particular product is composed of three parts, namely: Different features of the products that the customers have expressed their opinion, Identifying positive and negative opinions based on their reviews and finally Composing a summaryRead MoreBig Dat Data Redorage And Management Of Peter Mayer Advertising1513 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Data storage and management technologies have recently begun to surge in popularity. Businesses want to learn how to implement the best ways to store, maintain, capitalize on the copious amounts of data that their products, consumers, services, etc. generate. With that being said, organizing and measuring data has proven to be quite difficult despite present-day technological innovations. The term â€Å"Big data† has emerged and Apache Hadoop, or Hadoop, technology uses a set of algorithmsRead MoreBusiness Appraisal Through Social Media Analytics1454 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Appraisal through Social Media Analytics Introduction: Social media has changed the business models of many organizations in engaging their customers to develop relationship with their products and services. Social media is also used to build their brands and maintain customer loyalty. Following figures gives an idea about scale of social media. According to, worldwide 1.43 billion people had visited a social networking site in the year 2011. Facebook marketing infographicRead MoreDifferences Between Structured Data And Unstructured Data1739 Words   |  7 Pagesbetween Structured data and Unstructured data (18 Points) Similarities between Structured Data and Unstructured Data. 1a. What are some of the key differences between managing structured data vs. unstructured data? Structured Data Unstructured Data It has a well-defined content or high degree of organization No identifiable structure Structured data fit nicely into relational databases. Unstructured data does not fit into relational databases as it does not have a pre-defined data model or organizedRead MoreWhat And How Social Data1347 Words   |  6 Pagesanalyze social data Sentiment Analysis (Opinion Mining). It is used to understand the emotion conveyed in a textual message. It involves identifying the opinion, extracting the features or objects for which the opinion is expressed and then categorizing the opinion as a positive, negative or neutral and thus assigning it a polarity (Liu 2010). The growth in social media provides a wider platform which has allowed for an abundance in the expression of opinions, including product reviews, blogs, and discussionRead MoreThree Primary Types of Decision Making Systems1690 Words   |  7 PagesDefine the three primary types of decision-making systems, and explain how a customer of Actionly might use them to find business intelligence. The three primary types of decision-making systems are: the transactional support system, the management information system, and the decisions support system (, 2014). First, the transactional support system encompasses all of the information contained within a single business process or unit of work, and its primary purpose is to supportRead MoreThe Social Marketing Aspects Of Twitter1209 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Project 1: Comparing Brand Project This literature review will mainly discuss some literatures that address on the social marketing aspects of Twitter. With the growing accessibility of the internet, social media does not only change the dynamics of sustaining human relationships (O’ Brien, 2011), but enables consumers to establish a social community within a brand. Businesses center their marketing strategy on social media branding because active engagement implies the domino effects following

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Converting VB6 to VB.NET

VB.Net has a built-in migration tool, but converting VB6 code to VB.NET isn’t as easy as loading it to the newer software. The migration tool does a lot of the work, especially with syntax, but nowhere near all of it. You must work on your VB6 code before you try to load it in VB.Net. Should You Upgrade the Code? Some types of programs are best left in VB6. If your projects use WebClasses, DHTML pages, and UserControls, the migration to VB.NET may not go smoothly. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t try. The migration wizard will list any critical issues, and you can go back and fix them. Preparing Your VB6 Code for Migration Remove any dead code that your program doesn’t use and join any duplicated code to reduce the code more. You can do this manually if you are patient or your program isn’t lengthy, or you can use a source code analyzer program to locate the duplicated or unused code. Fix Any Data Declarations If you used undeclared variables in your program, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Add proper type declarations to every Dim statement and add Option Explicit statements. This will smooth the import process. Don’t worry, if you miss any, you’ll find out later. VB.NET Wizard Goes to Work Open your program in VB.NET and wait while the migration tool does its work. Expect to receive a lengthy report listing all the upgrade issues—the ones the wizard fixed and the ones it didn’t. There will also be comments in the code near spots that need extra work. Try to Compile Don’t even hope for your code to compile the first time through. It won’t, but you’ll receive a long list of compile errors that you can go back and fix. Work on Your Code Using the reports, return to your code and fix the critical issues. When you’ve done them all, load the code into VB.NET again. You may receive another list of critical issues to fix, but eventually, it will make it through the wizard and the compiler. You’re not done yet. Look for comments the migration tool left in your code and do whatever the comments say. Now, run and test your program in VB.NET.

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Holly Fashion - 2692 Words

cASE 6 HOLLY FASHIONS RAT I O A N A LYSI S Billion-dollal a pparel c ompanies s uch a s C alvin K lein a nd L iz C laiborne a re unusual i n t he g arment i ndustry, w hich c onsists p rimarily o f m uch s malier apparel m akers. O ne s uch f irm i s H olly F ashions ( HF), l ocated i n C herry F lill, New J eriey. H F w as s tarted 1 4 y ears a go b y W illiam H amilton a nd J ohn W hite, who b etween t hem h ad o ver 2 5:yearso f e xperiencew ith a m ajor g arment m anufacturer. A nd t he p artnership i nitially b lended v ery w ell. H amilton, r eserved and i ntrospective, i s e xtremely c reative w ith a r eal f lair f or m erchandising a nd trend s potting. M ainly a s a r esult o f h is g enius, t he H F l abel i s s ynonymous with†¦show more content†¦2. P art o f H amiltons e valuationw ill c onsisto f c omparingt he f irms r atios t o . the industry numbers shown in Exhibit 3. (a) Discuss the limitations of such a comparative financial analysis. (b) In view of these limitations, why are such industry comparisons so frequentlym ade? 3, Hamilton thinks thai the profitability of the firm to the owners hasbeenhurt by Whites reluctanceto use ftuch inteiest-bearing debt. Is this a reasonable position?E xplain. 4. The case mentions that {hite rarely takes trade discounts, which are typically 1 /10, n et 3 0.D oest his s eeml ike a w ise f inancialm ove?E xplain. 5. C alculatet he c ompanysm arket-to-book dV/BV) r atio. ( Therea re 5 ,000 O shares f c ommons tock.) o 6. Hamiltons position is that White has not competently managed the firm. Defend this position using your previous an.swers nd other information in a the c ase. 38 PARTII FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 7. Vyhites position is that he has effectively managed the firm. Defend this position using your previous answers and other information in the case. 8. Play the role of an arbitratoi. Is it possible based on an examination of the firms r atios a nd o ther i nformation i n t he c aset o a ssessW hites m anagerial competmce? Defend your position. 9. ( a) A re t he r atios y ou c alcul:ited b ased o n m arket o r b ook v alues? E xplain. (b) W ould y ou p refer r atios b ased o n m arket c ir b ook v alues? E xplain. EXHIBIT 1Show MoreRelatedHolly Fashion2683 Words   |  11 PagescASE 6 HOLLY FASHIONS RAT I O A N A LYSI S Billion-dollal a pparel c ompanies s uch a s C alvin K lein a nd L iz C laiborne a re unusual i n t he g arment i ndustry, w hich c onsists p rimarily o f m uch s malier apparel m akers. O ne s uch f irm i s H olly F ashions ( HF), l ocated i n C herry F lill, New J eriey. H F w as s tarted 1 4 y ears a go b y W illiam H amilton a nd J ohn W hite, who b etween t hem h ad o ver 2 5:yearso f e xperiencew ith a m ajor g arment m anufacturer. A ndRead More American Pie Essay4608 Words   |  19 Pagesand use them for inspiration which also shows that the music of our past still has an effect on the music of any time period. The fact that McLean’s idol was Buddy Holly, and the song has many similar qualities, adds to the meaning of the song. Even though it was written over ten years after Holly died, â€Å"American Pie† is a tribute to Holly and a depiction of how the world changed after his death. When you first listen and read the lyrics, â€Å"American Pie† appears to be about a person reflecting backRead More The Cycle of Fashion Essay1844 Words   |  8 PagesThe Cycle of Fashion Fashion is fuelled by conversion. Designers continually persuade the public that their new ideas, however shocking they may seem, are in fact everything that a stylish wardrobe requires. Next season, the same designers convince everyone to give up their allegiance to such out-modish designs and embrace instead the innovative visual trends of the latest collections. The same garments are successively dubbed outlandish, in fashion and out-dated according to the apparentRead MoreThe Negative Effects of the Fashion Industry on Eating Disorders1290 Words   |  6 PagesENG 150 18 October 2012 The Negative Effects of the Fashion Industry on Eating Disorders While it’s fashion week in London, the size â€Å"zero† models start to prepare for the big show by purging to be as thin as possible. Most models starve themselves in order to achieve the â€Å"waif†, stick-thin figure; it becomes so addictive, almost like second nature that it further leads to serious eating disorders. From recent studies, today’s model weighs about 23% less than the normal woman. Clearly, mostRead MoreWomen And Hepburn : The Character Of Audrey Hepburn828 Words   |  4 Pagesand dress today. For starters, the actress who played the main character, Holly Golightly, was Audrey Hepburn, she played the part perfectly. This helped change fashion and behavior because Audrey Hepburn was idolized by so many young girls even today. Moreover, this movie’s fashion choices showed that no matter who you are you can dress like a million dollars without name brands, with the help of accessories. Finally, Holly Golightly acted differently than almost all women in the 1960’s. She showedRead MoreTheoretical Assumptions : An Essential Literacy Skill1276 Words   |  6 Pagesability. As is the case with reading ability, spelling ability can be classified into stages or levels. And in most cases students will progress through these levels in a predictable and interrelated fashion. As students begin to read more fluently, their writing becomes more fluent. Holly is an example where this is not the case. She is a proficient and fluent reader. She is not a fluent writer. Still, she is developing as a writer and, more specifically, a speller. Spelling is stillRead MoreFirst Few Years Of Marriage Essay855 Words   |  4 Pagesto work part-time and focus on raising their baby. They had Holly one year after their marriage, Abby started to focus her attention on Holly. Abby still made time to work on photography the first few years of Holly’s childhood, however, as Holly got older Abby started to put less time on photography. At first, Adam and Abby’s marriage was perfect, the communicated well and supported on another. There were a few small fights, but as Holly got older and Abby realized that she was not making time toRead MoreThe Film Production Of The Movie Production Industry1141 Words   |  5 Pagesaround Holly Golightly, a New York socialite who lives an extremely facetious, high class, and carefree lifestyle. S he wears the newest and trendiest fashion finds from Givenchy and Tiffany’s and spends her life going on extravagant dates with filthy rich men. She is a woman of absolutely zero commitment, often escorting the wealthy men without returning their affection.When Paul Varjak, a writer who is supported by a rich older woman named â€Å"2E†, moves into the same apartment complex as Holly, herRead MorePestel Analysis3439 Words   |  14 Pageswill leverage Holly Heels extensive knowledge of the women s retail shoe industry to quickly gain market share. Profitability will be reached by month ten and $284,000 will be generated in revenue in year three. Situation Analysis 2.0 Situation Analysis Passion Soles is entering their first year of operation. A comprehensive marketing plan is required to reach profitability and ensure future success. Passion Soles offers an unprecedented selection of current women s fashions. 2.1 MarketRead MoreThe Depiction of Women in Literary Texts1346 Words   |  5 Pagesfamily and inferior to men, which most often is the definition of femininity. However, in the text She written by H. Rider Haggard and well-known The Arabian Nights oral folk tales translated by Husain Haddawy, women are portrayed in a different fashion. The text She by H. Haggard portrays a woman who has lived for millennia and rules a tribe deep in Africa with terror brought by the power she acquired from the â€Å"Spirit of the Globe† (Haggard 257). The Arabian Nights features a woman that uses her